●Full Marathon (General Runners)

●10km (General Runners)


Participants must abide by JAAF guidelines and rules set forth by the event.


Runners are using IC chips. Race Time is measured by Net-Time (Not by Gun-Time)


Overall awards will be given to top 6 of each race category. As for full marathon, age-group awards will be given to Top 3 in each age category. Age-group awards will be mailed to winners later if the runners live in Japan.


Shonan International Marathon does not set previous day check-in.


Entry from Japan; All application items including your number bib, T-shirt (prize for participation), programs will be sent by postal mail in the beginning of November.

Outside Japan; If you live outside of Japan, you must pick up your package on the day of race day. Package includes Race Program, Number Bib, Tracking Chips, and T-shirt.



  1. Please read this event outline carefully before entering.
  2. Providing false information, such as age or gender, or running with other runner's number card is prohibited. Failing to abide by these rules will result in disqualification and ban from future races.
  3. Providing untruthful estimated finish time is prohibited and may result in disqualification and ban from future races.
  4. Once the entry is confirmed, entrants may not change events or cancel their entry. It is not allowed for one runner to enter into multiple divisions.
  5. In case of address change, please notify the race director.
  6. Entry fee and transaction fee are not refundable.
  7. The race director may ask participants to submit documents for confirming current address after entering.
  8. The race director reserves the right to cancel the event due to inclement weather, accident, disease outbreak, etc. In such event, entry fee and transaction fee will not be refunded.
  9. Runners should be well-trained and in good health condition to participate in the event. It is advised to take medical check-up before the race.
  10. The race is insured under a sports accident insurance.
  11. The race director will not be responsible for any accidents, such as medical issues, injuries and loss/theft of personal items. Treatment provided by the race director will be FIRST AID TREATMENT ONLY.
  12. Participants who have become unable to continue running without medical assistance, such as IV and wheelchair, will be deemed to have dropped out of the race and disqualified. The decision of whether they are able to continue or not will be made by a doctor or medical staff at the scene, giving considerations to health risks. Participants must accept this decision and follow instructions. In some cases, a doctor or medical staff will make sure that the participant understands that he or she will be disqualified before starting the treatment.
  13. Participant understand that the event's video footages, photographs and result may be used for such media as TV, newspaper, magazine, online article, future event's poster/brochure and the event's official website. Upon submitting the entry form, participants are deemed to have agreed that their image may be used for above-specified media. Participants are also deemed to have agreed not to give the race director any objection as to the use of their image.
  14. Visibly impaired runners in any category may have a guide runner.
  15. Pushing a baby stroller is not allowed on the course.
  16. The event site is not accessible by any motor vehicles. Dropping off runners at the event site is also prohibited. (There will not be parking space available at the event site.)
  17. Entry fee includes a 500 yen donation to charity.
  18. Public excretion, including urination, will be subject to disqualification. During the participation in this event, participants are expected to have good public manners and abide by rules. The event will have portable toilets, so make sure to use these facilities or public bathrooms. Public excretion is prohibited by penal law. Participants who are found to have offended this rule will be disqualified, removed from the course immediately and banned from future events. Serious offences may be reported to the law enforcement authority.
  19. Flying a multicopter, drone and radio‐controlled helicopter over the event venue and the course is strictly prohibited.
  20. Consumption of alcohol while running before or in events is forbidden and may result in disqualification.
  21. The Entry Center and Marathon Office will not answer questions on the phone regarding the entry status or individual entry look-up.
  22. Participants must follow instructions given by the event organizer, director or other stuffs. Failing to do so may result in disqualification.


Privacy Policy

The organizers fully recognize the importance of personal information, comply with General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR), the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws of Japan, and handle such information in accordance with the organizers’ policy to protect personal information.
In order to offer better services to the participants, the organizers will use such personal information for the purposes of sending participation guidelines, giving notification of time records and related information, providing services by co-sponsoring, cooperating, and supporting organizations and other related organizations, and announcing race records (rankings, etc.).
Runners' personal information, including name, age demographic, affiliation, and time records, will be published online.The organizers may contact applicants to confirm application details

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