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Full Marathon

Start – Seisho Bypass Oiso West IC ~ (Seisho Bypass) ~Togahara ~
Hiratsuka Beach~Yanagishima ~ Chigasaki Beach
Enoshima Entrance (U-Turn Section #1) ~ Chigasaki Beach ~
Yanagishima ~ Hiratsuka Beach ~ Togahara ~ (Seisho Bypass) ~
Seisho Ninomiya IC (U-Turn Section #2) ~ Oiso Prince Hotel


Start – Seisho Bypass Oiso West IC ~(Seisho Bypass)~ Togahara ~
Nijigahama Intersection(U-Turn Section)~ Togahara ~
(Seisho Bypass)~ Seisho Bypass Oiso West IC ~ Oiso Prince Hotel

Start Time

 Division Start Time Start Limit Time* Time Limit
Full marathon   9:00 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 6hrs. 30min.
10km   9:50 a.m. - 2hrs.

*In Full Marathon: Due to traffic, safety and race management reasons, participants who fail to cross the start line in 30 minutes after the start gun will be disqualified. 

Cut-off point

Full Marathon

 Cut-off Point Location Distance from the start Limit Time
#1 Near the intersection of "Hachiken-dori Ave. Ent." About 5.1km 10:10 a.m.
#2 Chigasaki Koen Park About 10.8km 10:56 a.m.
#3 Tsujido Seaside Park West Parking Lot About 14.2km 11:24 a.m.
#4 Chubu Bus Parking Lot About 19.2km 12:03 p.m.
#5 Tunnel near Tsujido Seaside Park East Parking Lot About 21.9km 12:25 p.m.
#6 Sagamigawa Watershed Sewerage Left Shore Plant About 28.3km 13:17 p.m.
#7 Oiso Port I.C. About 35.0km 14:13 p.m.
#8 Oiso West I.C. About 37.1km 14:29 p.m.
#9 Seisho Ninomiya I.C. About 39.6km 14:55 p.m.

※A bus will follow the last runner at the pace to make it just in time for the finish time limit. When caught up by that, runners may be stopped on the course before cut-off points (disqualified) and instructed to get on the bus immediately.  
※  Locations of cut-off points and time limits may be changed, depending on circumstances.